About me….

Thought I’d start this all off with alittle bit about me and Exit Games Scotland.

I recently started the facebook page for Exit Games Scotland (https://www.facebook.com/exitgamesscotland/ ) as I got completely hooked on the whole escape room thing after my first game but found that info and news on the Scottish rooms was getting lost in the news from all the other UK games.

Little did I know that sharing news on the facebook page would become almost as much fun as playing the games themselves!

Anyway, I thought I’d expand to a blog, so I can write more about the rooms I’ve played and any other puzzle related pondering.

As for me, well I’m a forty-something Lancastrian lass living in the central belt of Scotland and loving it. I love my hubby, my woofs and geocaching (which was my main hobby/obsession until escape rooms).

I wouldn’t say I’m an escape room natural, in fact I tend to overthink most things and can’t see the blindingly obvious, but I still love the challenge and that buzz when you head for the door and there is still time left on the countdown clock.


4 thoughts on “About me….

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  1. I knew you were on Twitter, but I didn’t know you wrote a blog too! I started off in Scotland, headed south to Warrington and then on to London – there must be something about the North West, as all the (dedicated) escape room reviewers in the UK seem to have grown up there.

    Keep up with the blogging – we need more expert opinions!


  2. That’s slander. Pretty sure one of them made it to Blackpool ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Maybe some time you’ll make it far enough south and I’ll make it far enough north for us to do another reviewer meetup/game.


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