A London Binge

Whilst this is Exit Game Scotland, I did say I’d occasionally mention rooms elsewhere and this is one of those occasions.

In late April I traveled down to London to attend the second UK Escape Room unconference (the first was in Leeds in January) and well, I wasn’t going all that way without playing a couple of rooms….. which turned into a grand total of 6 in 36hours.

I wont go through each and every room, as they were a very varied and mixed bag, but I will tell you all about three rooms, all of which have something I’ve never seen in Scotland (as yet).

So here are my three recommendations for you if you find yourself down in London and want to do a room with a difference to the great rooms we know and love in Scotland.

Enter the Oubliette, Brixton

Don’t let Brixton put you off, its only a couple of underground stops from Victoria and the room is only a couple of minutes walk from the tube.

This is a wonderful cross between escape room and interactive theatre, which is set in a 1984-esque distopian world where you’re sent to infiltrate the high command and set the people free.

I’ve done rooms with some interaction with staff/characters, but not to the extent of this one, and it really does enhance the experience. They also have a novel means of buying extra clues and help, which is worth squandering your limited resources just to use the system.

Its for teams 4-8, and can be booked online at http://www.entertheoubliette.co.uk/ 

Image courtesy of the Wellcome Library

Revenge of the Sheep (SheepMutator), ClueQuest

Located on Caledonia Road, about 10mins walk from Kings Cross Station the ClueQuest rooms are easy to find and have three rooms available. The newest room (and most difficult room) is Revenge of the Sheep, and its really really worth visiting.

You are entrusted with the mission to stop the evil Dr. Blacksheep from turning everyone in the world into sheep, and as part of your agent training you have to show your skills as a sharp-shooter on some errant ovines!

The room itself must been seen, there is a great mix of low and hi-tech, with the most inventive use of a single prop item I’ve ever seen, I lost count of how many times (and ways) this one item was used in the room. The hi-tech is very well done in a room, as I’ve used similar apps before (while out geocaching) and they’re flaky at best, but ClueQuest have a bug free system that really gets you interacting with the room.

The room is for 3-5 players and can be booked online at https://cluequest.co.uk/

Archimedes Inspiration, Bermondsey

Another little jaunt out of the centre, this time just one stop on the underground from London Bridge and a 10 min walk, and you’ll arrive at the old Peak Freens factory which is now a haven for small businesses.

Leo’s Path at Archimedes Inspiration is currently the only room they have open, but three more are being planned. The reason I’m listing Leo’s Path is because its unlike any other room I’ve ever done as it doesn’t have a single combination padlock in there. Not a one!

The room is a masterpiece in craft and design as everything you need is out in the open or given to you at the appropriate time, there is no searching for keys or codes under everything and anything.

Also there is a more creative use of a narrative in this room, rather than getting to the objective as quickly as possible and getting out, here at AI the journey is just as important as the escape and every part of the room has been carefully crafted.

Leo’s Path is for 2-6 players and can be booked online at https://aiescape.com/ 

Leo's path: Adventure Escape Room Inspired By An Influential Writer




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