Evac – Glasgow

We were rather intrigued by Evac Glasgow as it appeared with very little publicity and a rather cryptic company website, Evac UK which also pointed to sites opening in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. The Glasgow site was listed as The Asylum, so we had visions of lots of mind games to work through. The next we heard of Evac... Continue Reading →



I could make a million and one excuses, some of which could be worthy of an escape room senario, but regardless of what I can dream up the fact remains that I've neglected this blog so far this year. I have a backlog of rooms to review, so rather than put them all out at... Continue Reading →

Destination Scotland

With the announcement this week of a sixth venue being opened in Edinburgh, and the third Scottish venue for Escape, then it got me thinking. We now have in Edinburgh, all within walking distance of each other, the following wonderful Escape Room companies: Dr. Knox's Enigma Locked In Edinburgh Can you Escape? Escape Edinburgh - New... Continue Reading →

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